Node.js file stats

How to get the details of a file using Node.js

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Every file comes with a set of details that we can inspect using Node.js. In particular, using the stat() method provided by the fs module.

You call it passing a file path, and once Node.js gets the file details it will call the callback function you pass, with 2 parameters: an error message, and the file stats:

Node.js also provides a sync method, which blocks the thread until the file stats are ready:

The file information is included in the stats variable. What kind of information can we extract using the stats?

A lot, including:

  • if the file is a directory or a file, using stats.isFile() and stats.isDirectory()
  • if the file is a symbolic link using stats.isSymbolicLink()
  • the file size in bytes using stats.size.

There are other advanced methods, but the bulk of what you'll use in your day-to-day programming is this.

You can also use promise-based fsPromises.stat() method offered by the fs/promises module if you like:

You can read more about the fs module in the official documentation.