Previous Releases

io.js & Node.js

Releases 1.x through 3.x were called "io.js" as they were part of the io.js fork. As of Node.js 4.0.0 the former release lines of io.js converged with Node.js 0.12.x into unified Node.js releases.

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NODE_MODULE_VERSION refers to the ABI (application binary interface) version number of Node.js, used to determine which versions of Node.js compiled C++ add-on binaries can be loaded in to without needing to be re-compiled. It used to be stored as hex value in earlier versions, but is now represented as an integer.
ReleaseStatusCodenameInitial ReleaseActive LTS StartMaintenance LTS StartEnd of Life
v18Active LTShydrogen2022-04-192022-10-252023-10-182025-04-30
v17End of Life2021-10-192022-04-012022-06-01
v16Maintenance LTSgallium2021-04-202021-10-262022-10-182023-09-11
v15End of Life2020-10-202021-04-012021-06-01
v14Maintenance LTSfermium2020-04-212020-10-272021-10-192023-04-30
v13End of Life2019-10-222020-04-012020-06-01
v12End of LifeErbium2019-04-232019-10-212020-11-302022-04-30
v11End of Life2018-10-232019-04-222019-06-01
v10End of LifeDubnium2018-04-242018-10-302020-05-192021-04-30
v9End of Life2017-10-012018-04-012018-06-30
v8End of LifeCarbon2017-05-302017-10-312019-01-012019-12-31
v7End of Life2016-10-252017-04-302017-06-30
v6End of LifeBoron2016-04-262016-10-182018-04-302019-04-30
v5End of Life2015-10-292016-04-302016-06-30
v4End of LifeArgon2015-09-082015-10-122017-04-012018-04-30
v0.12End of Life2015-02-062016-12-31
v0.10End of Life2013-03-112016-10-31
v0.8End of Life2012-06-252014-07-31